Welcome to IMESIC

First Aid for conflict

Welcome to IMESIC

Every year, conflicts around the globe cause suffering and death to thousands. Over the course of humanity’s existence, war has cost the lives of hundreds of millions of people.

In these wars, innocent civilians often get caught up in the surrounding battles. This results in the death and debilitation of many.

Every war has a heavy price to pay.

This is where we want to help in providing basic education and support to individuals caught up in conflict.


Basic medical education and support is what IMESIC was set up to provide. It has been proven through many studies and experiences that first aid knowledge and practice at the very early stages of trauma can have a positive effect on the outcome of the individual.

Basic medical education and practice can be simple to learn and it can save lives.

At IMESIC, we want to show you basic first aid education and practice which you can implement anywhere.

Watch our videos to learn more so you too can help save lives. 

Our Mission

Conflict and war causes suffering for thousands.

Basic medical education and practice can save lives and help ease suffering.

Our mission is to provide basic medical education and support to all who are caught up in conflict. Helping them to help themselves and others if they become casualties of war. 

Our Goals

To accomplish our mission, we have the following goals:

  1. To provide an open platform where anyone can view the content available on site
  2. To provide basic first aid education and support which can be understood and used within conflict
  3. To provide education in survival and management in a conflict environment 

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